About Digiterm


Digiterm Ltd. was founded in 1991 by the development engineers of Braun-Rolitron Ltd. primarily for the development and production of electronic equipments.


The production of their patented DExI Exchange rate display boards was followed by the production and development of complex Bank Information Systems and Queue Management Systems in the next years.


In 1996 Digiterm purchased the electronic production plant from Braun-Rolitron, which had been operating in Gyöngyös since 1987 primarily in the production of dialysis machines (PD, DIAMATE hdc.), patient monitors (ECM, MULTICARE) and dialysis chairs.


Our privately owned company works with a stable base of suppliers and subcontractors and operates in two strategic business areas:



Information Systems

Medical Equipment


The development and production of the Electronic Information Systems and the therapy chairs occurs at the production plant found at Ipar út 7., Gyöngyös.


The company management started an intensive medium-range development project in 1998, which is focused on the following three areas:


  1. Products (Customer-oriented products, TÜV GM, CE)
  2. Production processes (ISO 9001, EN 13485, TQM, CAQS, BPR, cost-reduction)
  3. Organisation (OD, education)


The targeted goals are being realised according to our plan.


  • We have redesigned all of our products and we have presented new ones that meet all of the concerning international standards and EU directives.
  • The audit of the ISO 9001 quality system was successfully completed in 1999.
  • In addition to work related technical education, every member of the company management also successfully completed the requirements of the Professional Diploma in Management.



The company management of DIGITERM is completely devoted to the long-term goal that its continuing quality improvement and education in all fields,

  • will always provide competitive products for its buyers
  • and that the DIGITERM will become a flexible and reliable business partner.


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