Environment Management System


The management of Digiterm Ltd. declared its commitment - in compliance with the requirements of EN ISO 14001 Standard - toward the continuous development of environmental performance and prevention of pollution.


Environmental aspects

Digiterm determined the environmental impacts of its manufacturing activity and products for which the following aspects were taken into consideration:

  • Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Conservation of natural resources and minimize waste
  • Preservation of the health both for employees and people living in the environs
  • Promotion of environmental improvement throughout our supply chain
  • Improvement of working environment
  • Establishment of objectives and targets for continuous improvement




In compliance with the EuP (Energy Using Products) Directive and WEEE, the Packaging Waste Regulations and the Essential Requirements, we aspire to improve the environmental performance of our products, activities and services and minimize their environmental impacts.


Our EcoDesign concept considers the design and lifecycle impacts of Comfort Therapy Chairs and the packaging through their entire lifetime, including:



  • Reducing materials used in therapy chairs
  • Design for long working life, durability


  • Improved energy consumption


  • Waste minimization during production


  • Optimized size and type of packaging


  • Improvement in quality / customer satisfaction


  • Prolonged lifetime by increased service efficiency


  • Multifunctionality and extended product range


  • Reduced environmental impact of disposal
    • Recycling or recovery of raw materials
    • Ease of dismantling to aid recycling
    • Re-use of component parts
    • Refurbishment of our products for resale


Competence & Training

Employees of Digiterm Ltd. are fully aware of the environmental impacts of their action, and the relating information is supported by regular training programmes to drive progress.

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